Board member (Location: Shenandoah Valley, VA)

We are looking for board member candidates for developing a non-profit that would prepare and market gospel memory cards to and via retail & ecommerce outlets.

Since 2013, our focus has been helping missionaries and Christians to receive and share digital gospel resources through their phones. Except in the most sensitive countries, many countries also already have Christian bookstores.

Christian bookstores and  Bible societies are the predominant way that nationals access Bibles and other vital Christian resources. Sadly, they do not offer these Bible resources in a way that people can watch, listen, or read on their cell phone, the only devices many people own. Many do not have DVD and CD players. This limits those who prefer to watch or listen rather than read. Many bookstores in developing nations want to make gospel memory cards in local languages available to their customers.I already have contact information and positive previous experience with 200+ content providers of various digital Bible and Bible related media.

In 2020, we want to form a non-profit that would focus on assisting Christian retailers in developing nations to sell and promote memory cards and accessories containing helpful Christian and educational media in local languages, so they can sell these memory cards affordably to their community, including via e-commerce and courier.

The ideal recipient of these memory cards are women in Africa, South Asia, etc. This brings a little fairer access to gospel resources in their own languages, in spite of lack of mobility, internet, language, security, and literacy. Consistent availability without regard to having special connections with foreigners will promote broader and more natural use.

Experience with any of following would be bonus for board involvement, though not necessary: finance, web or graphic design, e-commerce, social media or text marketing, b2b or retail sales, copywriting, or cross-cultural or short term missions experience. Board member training by a professional consultant is provided.

Please contact us if you would like more information in joining as a board member.

Short-term missions trip opportunities (foreign)

Join a team member on short-term mission trips to nations in Africa and Asia, with trips offered several time per year. Generally, we attend conferences with large numbers of gospel workers from a region. There, we set up a display table and meet them to provide gospel memory cards in the languages of the various nations where these worker serve.

Short-term missions trip opportunities (in USA or Europe)

Join a team member on short-term mission trips to make digital copies of foreign language Bibles, with trips offered several time per year. These pdf scans of the Bible in foreign languages can be used to make apps, audio Bibles, and other resources. This allows them to be distributed gospel resources for those without internet access (eg microSD cards, messaging apps) or for those in highly sensitive regions where web tracking is an issue. This allows offline use, and means that gospel workers can use these resources without needing  to report per unit use on Bible text products and without needing to pay royalties. Your work will be forwarded to other ministries who either put in other formats Please contact for more information.

Set up 1-page evangelistic webpages & PPC ads

Build one-page landing websites in target languages, with quickly downloadable evangelistic media. Set up pay-per-click advertising in sensitive and resource scarce areas.

Research and discover unused, foreign language, free-to-copy Bibles

a.       In most countries, determining the copyright status of a Bible requires finding:

  1. The relevant copyright law of the country where the Bible was published.
  2. The date of death of those considered to be translators, who were not paid by the agency to translate.

b.       To determine this information, you must use search engines and genealogical databases to determine the copyright status of Bibles and Bible portions. This ensures that we scan Bibles that are either are in the public domain, or will soon be in the public domain.

Picture editing

a.       You would rotate, crop, and touch up Bible scan images. Some Bibles are so fragile, that they cannot be scanned as normal, but must have pictures taken of each page. These pictures need editing, usually with a free graphic design program on the computer. (training provided).

b.       Some pages cannot be open all the way without damaging the binding, so those pages must be pictured from two angles to include all the words on the page. These two pictures of a single page must then be edited to be joined together as a single picture. 

Writer: Organize digital language collections

Make lists of content providers to put in each language collection.

  1. Equipment required: Computer with internet
  2. Your goal is also to make it easier for end-users to look at the Christian media in our collections in their own language. You are also making a document that helps end users know who made each media, and if there are any privileges or limitations in using them.
  3. You would meet with digital director to receive orientation and availability of ongoing assistance
  4. Receive a copy of all digital language collections on an external hard drive. You would insert the cord for this into the USB port of your computer to be able to view the contents.  
  5. Within a Google Drive Doc, you would insert a table with 2 columns and 100 rows into your Word processing document.
  6. On the left column, you would type the name of the resource and related permission requirements, copying it from other content providers.
  7. You would submit them to the digital director to ensure accuracy before we find a translator by uploading it to a Google Drive account (or something similar) and sharing the link for the digital director to receive.
  8.  For each language, type up the names of each folder and file name.
Video production

Preparing simple videos in various languages.

1. an orientation video (or at least audio) to train and inspire the viewer to share the gospel media content with others.
2. at least basic promotional videos for Christian retailers to share on their social media, chat app lists, etc to invite prospective national customers to purchase, use, give, or duplicate these Biblecards.
Some of these could be done remotely from your country, finding native speakers via online means. Training is available upon request.

In some cases, it would be easier to travel to the nations that speak these languages to prepare these videos. Making this media would require traveling teams that would:
1. train to adapt and localize
2. empower with brief, focused, sustainable training
3. equip to print, publish, create, promote and broadcast.
4. provide structure (eg. SD cards, online) to share their work with other under-served people groups around the globe